the femmily

We're thrilled to welcome trans women, trans femmes, and anyone exploring their related- identity in our space. Our collective is committed to creating a secure environment that centers on POC experiences and uplifts abolitionist values.

**Just a reminder, we were recently displaced by the San Diego LGBT Center and are in search of a new meeting spot! **

Looking forward to building solidarity, creating community, sharing insights, and fostering understanding with you all! <333

meet the peer mentor

Achi Vasquez (she/they) is a advocate for social justice, focusing on the rights and well-being of transgender, nonbinary, and marginalized folx. She utilizes her background in organizing, communications, and digital media to enhance HOR's impact on the community.

Drawing on her own experiences as a transsexual person and a sex worker, Achi understands the unique challenges faced by marginalized individuals in a society that often overlooks their needs. This understanding informs her approach to intersectionality, addressing the diverse and complex needs of each person they serve.

our femmily!